Axis Bank Share Price Target | 2021 Forecast & Analysis

We are going to do Axis Bank share price forecast for 2021. Whatever analysis we do and show in this post, its purely for informational purpose. Do your own analysis before making a trading or investing decisions. Lets start our Axis bank share analysis with yearly time frame candlestick price charts.

Axis Bank Share Price Forecast 2021 | Yearly chart analysis

In yearly charts, we can clearly see a steady uptrend in Axis Bank shares. From the low of 286, it has recovered tremendously and is currently trading around 675 (Current market price could have changed when you read this analysis).

axis bank yearly chart analysis
Yearly candlestick chart of axis bank share

In yearly charts we don’t have much clarity on how to trade or invest in Axis Bank share for now. Lets look at lower time frame charts and spot a good entry in it.

Half yearly chart analysis

I am using fibonacci extensions in the half yearly chart time frames. Usually when we use fib extensions, I take 100% fib levels as my first target and then trail my stop loss after it. Below chart shows you 61.8% target for Axis bank share in half yearly time frame.

axis bank share price target as per half yearly chart analysis.png
axis bank share price target as per half yearly chart analysis.png

We can only see the 61.8% fib levels on the above shown charts. 100% fib levels i.e. Axis Bank share price target will be between levels of 1056-1060. If you already have Axis Bank shares, you could wait for theses 100% levels and then trail your stop losses or book partial profits or full profits. Lets extend our forecast further & look into quarterly time frame charts of Axis Bank share.

Axis Bank share price forecast based on quarterly time frame chart

Quarterly charts of Axis bank shows us interesting resistance levels. This resistance levels could potentially break and in future become possible support levels for Axis bank shares.

axis bank share price resistance levels as per quarterly charts.png
Axis bank share price resistance levels as per quarterly charts.png

I could have extended this axis bank share price forecast and share the monthly, weekly and daily chart analysis with you. Monthly and weekly charts looked similar to quarterly charts. So I would stick with quarterly charts for now and will update monthly and weekly chart analysis as I spot new opportunities in it. I don’t trade based on daily charts & I like more of long term positional trades.


Our axis bank share price forecast is purely based on technical analysis. You can check more details about axis bank shares on NSE official website. Hope you liked the analysis on axis bank. Fundamentally Axis Bank is a good stock to invest in. But you need to buy at lower price levels to avoid losses occurred due to market noise or unnatural events. If you have any doubts or queries regarding this axis bank share price forecast, do use the comment section and I will be happy to reply.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is AXIS BANK share worth buying now in 2021?

Axis Bank share is a good investment in 2021 because of its strong fundamentals. Its better to buy Axis Bank share at pullbacks or retracements.

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