Learn How To Check Buyers And Sellers In Stock Market Easily

If you are new to stock markets and thinking how to check buyers and sellers in stock market, then this post is for you. Two of the best sources to check buyers and sellers in stock market are

  • Your stock exchange website
  • Your trading terminal

Your stock exchange website provides you so much information about individual stocks and other financial assets. If you are a beginner in stock market, you should definitely utilize the data & information available on stock exchange website.

Use trading terminal to check total number of buyers and sellers

Almost all the traders & investors get access to trading terminal through their stock brokers. My trading terminal is called Trade Tiger & is provided by the leading stock broker in India called Sharekhan. When I login into my trading account, I can see buyers & sellers on the market-depth dashboard inside my trading terminal. Check below image how my trading terminal displays total number of buyers & sellers.

market depth window inside trading terminal displaying buyers and sellers
Market depth window inside trading terminal displaying buyers and sellers

Check buyers and sellers on your Stock Exchange Website

Your stock exchange website is the best source for data. In India, National stock exchange has the largest volume. I just go and check the individual stocks for most recent data. Below image shows you how National stock exchange website displays total number of buyers and sellers for different individual stocks.

Market depth information on national stock exchange website

Does knowing total number of buyers & sellers help in making profits?

It does help in knowing the sentiment of others for the stock or asset that you are trying to trade or invest in. But again profitable trade depends on lot of other factors like knowing the trend, proper risk management, discipline etc.

What happens if only buyers buy stock?

If there are only buyers for a stock or any other asset, trade will not get executed. A trade is executed only when buyers bid and sellers ask price matches.

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