TSLA Stock Prediction 2021 | Buy Or Sell Or Hold? | Tesla Inc

In this post, we are going to look at TSLA stock prediction for 2021. We will be looking at monthly & weekly price charts of Tesla Inc (TSLA) . Do your own due diligence before trading or investing in Tesla Inc (TSLA). Our research is for knowledge & information purpose.

Monthly chart analysis of Tesla Inc (TSLA)

Tesla looks very strong on monthly chart. On Dec-2019, stock price of Tesla was trading around $83. In just 11 months, value of one tesla stock has grown by 11 times & currently its trading around 870-885 price levels. Below image is the monthly candlestick chart of Tesla.

Tesla Monthly Chart

On monthly charts, Tesla is clearly a buy. But the issue is its at highest price levels & chances of a small pullback also exist. So it’s better to know support levels of Tesla if a pullback happens. As we are not getting much information of good price levels to enter a long trade in Tesla, let’s analyze Weekly candlestick charts of Tesla.

Weekly chart analysis of Tesla Inc (TSLA)

Approximately around the price range of 502.49-329.88, we can spot a support levels in Tesla Inc stock.

Weekly support and resistance levels of Tesla Inc (TSLA)

As seen in the above chart image, the price range 329.88-502.49, could be a potential buying zone for Tesla if a pull back happens.

Five different support levels in Tesla stock as per daily charts

In weekly charts we can see a price range that looks good to buy Tesla stock. I would wait for Tesla to come inside this buying range & then go for a long trade. I have also drawn 5 different support levels in Tesla as per daily candlestick charts. You can see it in the below chart.

TSLA Stock Prediction daily chart analysis
support levels on daily chart of Tesla Inc (TSLA)


Hope you got useful insights from our TSLA stock prediction. Kindly use our TSLA stock prediction as an informational resource. Tesla stock looks like a must buy for now. But we don’t want to enter at the highest price levels where chances of a pullback is high. So I think the best way to enter a long trade in TSLA stock would be buy when the price dips/pullback/retracement near the support levels.

Frequently Asked Questions-TSLA Stock Prediction

Is Tesla stock worth buying in 2021?

At present it looks like a very bullish stock as per the technical analysis. Its always worth to buy a stock with good business at lower price levels.

Will Tesla reach $1500?

As per the technical analysis & other business analysis like past earnings, etc. it definitely looks like Tesla stock prices will go beyond $1500.

About Tesla Inc

Tesla was founded in 2003 by group of engineers aimed to build electric cars. You can learn more about Tesla from there website’s about us page.

Stock Ticker- TSLA is the stock ticker of Tesla Inc. Stock trades in Nasdaq.

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